The World’s Biggest Technology Event Adventure, Notes From Lisbon

These images are from November, Web Summit 2019. I thought to share them with you now, as soon we will be seeing the 2020. A little story of Lisbon and Web Summit Adventure. Web Summit 2019 Notes First of all, While I was writing this post, one of the Pink Martini song I love “DondeContinue reading “The World’s Biggest Technology Event Adventure, Notes From Lisbon”

A few hours at the Snake Pass Hope Woodlands… Umut Ormanında bir kaç saat…

Yılan Geçidi üzerinde bulunan Umut ormanına ait olan bu fotoğrafları bulup hatırlamasını yaptım. Eski film kameramın geniş açı objektifini,  yeni dijital kamerama kondurup çekimler yapmıştım asıl adıyla Sanake Pass Hope Woodlands’ da… Nereden nereye , İstanbul’da fotomuhabirlik yaparken kullandığım bu gözümün ( objektif ) yeri hep ayrıdır. Yıldız ve polarize filtreleri de bulunan , genişContinue reading “A few hours at the Snake Pass Hope Woodlands… Umut Ormanında bir kaç saat…”


Celebrating sun set ! Why can’t we celebrate it in our garden at home ? We went miles to see sun setting around the stones . Then we have learned the truth that you come here to celebrate the  sun rise , well any excuse we will go to celebrate something anyway. There are deepContinue reading “CASTLERIGG STONE CIRCLE”

A Still Photography for the film called “Kiss”

It has been a long time since I have not worked at the films for stills although I crave for. I photographed stills for the viral called “Kiss” directed by Brian Spranklen at the beautiful Palace Hotel Manchester.          

Spine Photography Challenge 2014

Until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t even heard of the Spine Challenger. We (myself, my friend Helen and  Poodle DJ ) were out walking one day and whilst stopping at a cairn for refreshment a guy called Mark stopped to chat. He had a massive backpack as he was walking and camping theContinue reading “Spine Photography Challenge 2014”